Narrative lights with K5600.
Federico Angelucci AIC/IMAGO – Serie TV SKy “Cops 2”

Federico Angelucci was preparing the lighting and photography for the second season of the serie "Cops 2" directed by Luca Miniero for Sky.

After the success of the first season, Federico once again had the confidence of the production and the freedom to create a new atmosphere for this series with Luca Maniero.

Federico wanted to get crisp shadows and use the lights narratively for some footage. To illustrate his ideas, he refers to German expressionist cinema, for example the film NOSFERATU 1922.
He was offered the use of the Fresnel ALPHA 800 in Openface (with clear glass) and the new JOKER 300 LED.

Federico Angelucci comments :
“The Alpha 800W HMI with clear glass was invaluable when shooting with the 5600K or 3000K lamp for indoors and outdoors.
The compactness of the whole, the width of the light beam allowed me to quickly build my light and obtain clear projections or long and cast shadows.
The possibility of operating the projector in the zenith position is very interesting.
My grip man, Fabrizio Tarantino, following this idea rediscovered the use of Cocolores (black wooden frame with holes of different shapes and sizes) by projecting light on the walls, as in the days of black / white black.
The Joker 300 LED used with its Zoom optics has become a very easy to use projector, controlled remotely via our Gaffers Control console. Its power has allowed me to create precise effects and cuts, or to orient on clear surfaces or polystyrene to obtain indirect and soft light.
Of course, with Mauro my gaffer, we will also adopt it for our future projects. "
The photos below were taken with a cell phone :

Field : Joker 300 LED with zoom optic

Contre champ :

“Thanks to the K5600 for lending us these great lights to try. Together with my two BOA 120 (LED strip distributed by K5600) that I always have with me, the Joker 300 LED becomes another precious tool. "

Use of Cocolores

Below : The Alpha 800 behind the altar projecting the cross

DOP Federico Angelucci AIC/IMAGO
Chief electrician : Mauro Romor
"Cops 2" Serie Sky
Directed by Luca Miniero
Production Banijay Studios Italie
Light rental : Cartocci