Olivier Madar

Olivier Madar is a videographer, who specializes in corporate films for the medical world. He was the first user of the Alpha 200. Owning most of the K5600 products, he gives his impressions about this new fixture.

"Versatile, lightweight and affordable. These are really the three adjectives that come to mind when someone asks me what I think about the new Alpha 200. In the Fresnel configuration, it produces the hard and high quality light distinctive of the Fresnels. Its powerful beam, light weight and low power consumption allows me to place the Alpha 200 almost anywhere I want to : for instance, you can line up five or six on a 10 meter-length, without any problem. Focusing the l ight is very simple and the system is practical. It allows me to vary the power without the use of a dimmer. The Open Face configuration is the most efficient solution I know for anyone who needs to light widely and homogeneously. With the aluminum reflector, the Alpha 200 beam is less wide than the one produced by the bigger Alphas and their Quartz reflectors. But it’s enough to make the Alpha 200 the perfect tool for green screens, especially when distance between the screen and the light source is extremely reduced. The angle is very wide, around 160°, which allows the user to evenly light tight spaces. Even though it is small and lightweight, the Alpha 200 is powerful ! It’s perfect for stage lighting and with the Focal Spot, I gladly compare it to a 750W tungsten Source four, without the excess weight and the overheating."