Patrick Duroux, Afc

Patrick Duroux AFC shot many prestigious commercials, such as “The Odyssey” for Cartier. He comments two recent high- speed shootings : the first, produced by Quad for a beer brand, took place at Stains Studio. The second film, produced by the company Radical Media from Berlin, for a brand of luxury car, was shot in a large exhibition hall in Zagreb.

“The director of the first shot, Bruno Aveillan, wanted to use only Hi-Speed Phantom Camera (provided by Sublab) and Macro lenses from Panavision. Considering the camera speed close to 600 fps and light output necessary to Macro photo, HMI flicker free Hi-Speed lighting was essential. The use of the Joker Bug 800 and Alphas 4Kw, supplied by Panalux, all powered by Hi-Speed 300 Hz and 1000 Hz ballasts was a logical answer. Conclusion : not any problem of flicker with the Phantom ! The specificity of the Alphas Quartz reflector (compared to other HMI Fresnel on the market) combined with a specific ventilation system, allows the Alpha to be operated pointing straight down without overheating or breakdown.

The technical success of this shoot was a key argument for using the Alpha fixtures on the project of the car commercial in Croatia. The idea was a huge installation of cars from different eras in the spirit of a visit of a museum dedicated to the brand, which should recall the technology progresses that have now become references in the automotive industry over the last 30 years. After location scouting, I had numerous technical proposals and conversations with Marc and Bruno from K5600 (who suggested a similar set seen in an article of their newsletter), the evidence was to build and hang three large frames, with Double diffusion Gridcloth, and then place Alphas 18Kw and 4Kw over these frames pointing straight down. For equipment rental, the review was easy : no Alpha K5600 were available in Croatia !

The company TSF has been a great support, both technical and on the logistic, since TSF provided 300/1000 Hz ballast and delivery of the equipment to Croatia in due time. Big thanks to all of those involved in this project for their advices and valuable help, and thank you to the team in Croatia, the producer Diego from Paktmedia and gaffer Dean Brkic.” Patrick Duroux AFC