Photo Adapters

Motion requires continuous light, and digital loves daylight. Our 200, 400, 800 & 1600W Jokers deliver flicker-free daylight to capture both still and video without re-lighting. Bug-Lite look and perform just like flash heads. Add one of the Photo Adapter to your Joker-Bug and fit it into the light shapers you’ve been using for years.

Crossover : This small ring enables you to work with accessories such as Beauty Dish
(only for 200, 400 and 800W Joker-Bugs)
We offer adapter to use Joker with Profoto and Broncolor ’s accessory.

Cage for Para : This new accessory gives the ability to put a Joker-Bug 800W or 1600W in Paras 177 and 222.

Produits K5600


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  • Kits Alpha