Photographer Scott Nathan

Scott Nathan’s iconic photography ranges from portraits of Dita Von Teese & Katy Perry to international advertising campaigns. He speaks about lighting, more especially about his experience with the K5600 lights on the music video he directed for the rising star Cooper Phillip

"Since ISO 800 became the new 100, Jokers have become my lighting of choice. Lightweight and compact, they’re so efficient I can run them on household current while on location without fear of blowing fuses. I’m able to use all the light shaping tools I’ve grown accustomed to as a still photographer. The quality of light these little HMI’s throw is pure magic." "A single Joker 800 created the perfect shaped pool of light around Cooper’s piano, while 200s and 400s made crisp, controlled accent lights and kickers on this project. The Big Eye with the 800 created all the drama of an old school arc follow spot, but with all the dreamy specularity you can only get with an HMI. Best of all, a shoot like this used to require a grip truck, but it all fit into the back of an SUV."

Scott uses the new Evolution Kit. Sharing regularly his beautiful pictures on his Facebook page, the photographer writes about K5600 gear: "I always loved the magical quality of light you got from HMI’s but in the past they were inefficient, expensive and ran hot. I haven’t popped a strobe in months and don’t miss it a bit. With adapters I’ve been able to use all my old light modifiers from Broncolor, Profoto and Mola. They fit in a tiny case with wheels, can burn daylight or tungsten bulbs and cost a fraction of what a single strobe pack costs. Continuous light was the birth of studio lighting. It’s also its future. It’s new & it’s a steal."

Watch the full video of "Silence":