Rachid Madoui, Gaffer

The movie "L’odeur de la Mandarine" has been released today. It tells the story of Charles and Angèle, who have decided to get married after World War I, but without love and desire for each other. Rachid Madaoui, gaffer on the movie, chose to work with Alpha 4Ks and 9Ks.

"We mainly used the Alpha 9K bouncing on white cloths to bring brightness on the faces in the dark parts of the Château de Montmarin. The other use was in direct lighting to fight against the sun, but behind a diffusion frame to soften the light as much as possible.

Alpha 4K’s have been used in the smaller rooms, and especially close to the windows. Actually, their large even beam can entirely cover the height of the window panes. And their shallow design makes them handy in tight spaces.

I enjoy to work with the Alphas because, whatever the power I work with (from 1600W to 18K), it’s easy. You can place them everywhere without any difficulty. I particularly like to use them on cherry pickers. They take less space than the other fixtures of the market, so it’s easier for the electricians to move around. The last but not the least, the light weight of the Alphas. We don’t need to be a lot of electricians to mount them on stands or cherry pickers : for instance on this set, the 9K has been rigged by two people only."

Director : Gilles Legrand
DP : Yves Angelo
Equipment supplied by RVZ