Rémy Chevrin, AFC

“It was during a shoot on a commercial in Slovenia that I could finally try the Alpha 1600 which Marc Galerne and his team had told me so much about. I already had a few experiences shooting in this beautiful country while filming other commercials but at the time, some K5600 products were not yet available in Slovenia. Robert Oberc, the local gaffer, informed us that now, all the range is available from MB Grip. This shoot involved mainly daylight interiors in a house and bright exteriors which is why I chose the Alpha 18 Ks for beautiful and bright sun effects shining from the outside and I used some Alpha 4Ks to highlight with sharp light some parts of the set. The Joker bugs 400 and 800 were completing the set up either with Chimeras or spot to light up dark corners.

Maneuverability in tight sets, mobility and output are the strong points of these sources which, over the years became my best friends. I especially appreciated the arrival of this new source which is the Alpha 1600, a nice addition to the already wide range of K 5600 . To me this is a real alternative to the M series ... Powerful, great light direction but also a great color rendering all the way through the beam even on the edges. The quality of the Fresnel lens provides a beautiful wide beam and clean shadows. The range will be really complete with the arrival of the Alpha 9kw. Like on the other Alphas, the 1600 and the upcoming 9K can be used pointing straight down and I experienced the reliability on the set of “Hélène and her sisters” directed by Jean Jacques Zilbermann (see front page picture), we shot on the 1.500 m² stage (around 15.000 ft) of Éclair studio in Paris. Stephane Bourgoin (gaffer) set up 18 Alphas 4k without lens pointing straight down over 400 m² of full grid cloth to produce a realistic clear sky effect. For over three weeks, they were used on 12 hour day without any breakdown with very stable color temperature.”

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