Sean Murray

Sean Murray is a Gaffer and electrician. He worked on many films and TV series including The Avengers, I Am Number Four or Super 8. He just completed shooting on 1000 to 1 :

“I was Jim Mathers Gaffer on 1000 to 1 and we had the great pleasure of having a number of your products in our lighting package. Among the K5600 lights were the Alpha 18K, the Alpha 4K, and several 400 watt Jokers. The 400 watt Jokers are very familiar to me and were heavily used, particularly in one of my favorite configurations with the Bug-a-Beam adapter, mating the Joker to an ellipsoidal instrument for projecting patterns and making hard cuts. This is a great tool to have in the bag of tricks and we made great use of it. The products that were new to me though were the Alpha 4K and 18K. I was very impressed not only by their brightness and the ability to burn them straight up or down, but also by the compact housing that K5600 has managed to build for them. The Alpha 18K was a particular joy for us to work with. The compact size and light weight was noticed positively by my crew. This light had all the power that I would expect from and 18K and then some. It had a smooth and even spread and it was fantastic to be able to burn the light straight up or down without worrying about the reflector. But usually an 18K comes along with a lot of downsides that the Electric Department just deals with.

The compact size of the Alpha 18K was easy to store on the truck, this benefit is not glamorous and could easily be overlooked, but films run on logistics and equipment travels on trucks--- so the ability to carry more big guns in smaller trucks is a real asset. The ease of deployment due to the light weight of the unit made it easy on the crew. Setting up a typical 18K can be a bit of an event. With the lightweight Alpha 18K, even a small crew can head up the light quickly and safely. Rigging the light into an aerial work platform or scissors lift was quick, easy, and safe. All too often the safe limits of lifts are pushed when rigging lights, heavy loads are mounted at awkward angles making for rigging challenges, and cramped and difficult space for the operator riding in the lift. Rigging the Alpha 18K into a lift was a dream. The light weight made it easy and safe to secure to a number of different lifts. The slim profile of the unit meant that it didn’t intrude into the operator’s space in the basket, or extend far out beyond the safety rail, making it an ease to operate.

K5600 has a winning combination with the Alpha 18K, plenty of output in a compact and flexible unit. This equals results that a DP would want with an ease of operation that makes for an efficient and happy crew. Thanks for all the support on our production of 1000 to 1. I will definitely ask for Alpha 18K’s from now on whenever I am using big guns !”