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Romain CANTY / Pierre-Arnaud OUVRARD / Guillaume ADER

Romain CANTY

The picture with the Alpha 16 in the foreground in front of a castle wing was a commercial for Chambord Castle with Sixtine production. The gaffer was Pierre Michaud. Very nice light and fantastic experience.
The second picture is me operating an Alpha 1600. It was a short film in Avignon, I was gaffer on a small crew. Unfortunately, I haven’t had much opportunity to work with the big wattage Alphas (4K, 9K or 18K). And when I did have the opportunity it was very often the 1600 that I really like. For me the HMI technology remains much more flattering than LEDs ;)
I also worked a lot with the Joker 400 and 800 HMI which I love as they are easy to use and nice rendering through a chimera etc. I can’t wait to try the new models : Joker² range.

Romain Canty (picture below)

Pierre-Arnaud OUVRARD

Memories of “Carbon” feature film. Director : Olivier Marchal Dop : Antony Diaz Gaffer : P.A Ouvrard
I offered to Antony Diaz, the DP, to use Alpha 18 for a big factory set. We wanted to have softness and structure and beautiful shadows cast with the Fresnel lenses ... Anthony was delighted with the result and the shotss of the factory turned out to be just beautiful. Thank you again ... I am a big fan of light !

Pierre-Arnaud OUVRARD (picture below)

Guillaume ADER

The beautiful Alpha 4kw on a Long John stand, with Philippe Lardon as dop who loves them very much. As a result, I always take 2 when possible on the lighting list with this dop, in addition with 1 x M40. The compactness of the Alpha is practical in reflected light in a 8ft bounce for example in ever smaller sets.
The quality of the shadows with the Fresnel bare or just a slight diffusion as shown on the picture is no longer to be proven ... It looks so natural.
Finally, personally I love the Joker 400 & 800. I used them everywhere with Philippe : on the floor, bounced on white sheets, it’s just too beautiful ... in light banks, rectangular or Octas, it’s perfect on faces. Love them in Source Four too !!!!
On the TV series “Candice RENOIR” our basic list was 4 x Joker 800 (chimera, Source Four etc), 4x Joker 400, 2x Alpha 4K, 1xM40, 1xM90 and some LED lights...