Softube 1600W on Tattoo Fixers show

Tattoo Fixers (broadcast on E4 channel in England) is one of the most popular Real TV show of the moment. Proof of this success, the series, which follow tattoists covering up ruined tattoos, has been renewed for a 3rd and 4th season. Vincent Prunier, a French gaffer who moved to London few years ago, has been working with the DP Nick Martin on set.

"When I arrived in London, I have been pleasantly surprised by the warm welcome I received. I quickly found jobs, and I had the opportunity to work on various shootings, such as commercials, Disney movies, the latest James Bond movie...

I often work with K5600 equipment, more particularly with Jokers 400, 800 and 1600W. They are powerful daylight units, and are convenient because you can plug them on the household power. The ballasts are reliable (which is not necessarily the case with other HMI brands...) and the CRI is accurate.

For Tattoo Fixers set, the large window implied to get a daylight source, with a constant lighting. Actually, the planning did not allow us to only deal with the natural light coming through the window. Then, the ceiling was very low, excluding the use of a light bank mounted on a daylight fixture. Finally, like for any real TV shooting, the crew needed to film all the room without having any stand or any other accessory in shot.

So the Softube 1600W was the best answer to all of these constraints. We rigged it on the ceiling. It was the perfect tool to simulate a light coming from the window, at any hour of the day. When the day was bright, the Softube was not adding too much light, but on darker days, it was really punchy. The goal was achieved : a constant light coming from the window, no matter the weather conditions or the hour of the day... So we could shoot at anytime !"