Alpha 9K + Spacelight Alpha 9K + Spacelight

Spacelight special ring

The Spacelight is a Tungsten unit. When gaffers need a 5600K light, they use CTB gels but with this solution, the output is reduced by 50%.

Our solution is this special ring designed to adapt an existing Spacelight on the Alpha 9K, turning it into a powerful 5600K Spacelight. Thanks to their design, the Alphas can be used pointing straight down as long as it’s needed, without damaging the fixture.

The HMI basically has more output than a Tungsten lightsource (90 to 100 Lumen/W for an HMI vs 15 to 25 Lumen/W for a Tungsten), so even if a 3200K gel is needed, the Alpha Spacelight is still more powerful and more efficient than a Tungsten unit.

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