Stefano Russo

« When we thought about lighting Forza 10, we had in mind that the Italian population would remember the Costa Concordia tragedy. We knew that it would be difficult, that’s why we chose to produce a bright image to set the tone for a comedy. On this 300m long ship which has 17 decks, it’s easy to understand that moving equipment is difficult and tiring. Plus, we had to deal with the passengers and the staff of the cruise. I knew I was going to manage scenes both indoors and outdoors, day and night. With a limited list of lights due to confined spaces of the ship and the limits of electrical power, the Jokers and Alphas have proven to be fundamental instruments for many situations. Two accessories have been particularly useful : the Softube and the Big Eye. Its large Fresnel lens produces a very beautiful light. I also used a Joker-Bug 800W in an Octaplus 5, which is incredibly effective to illuminate the foreground with a soft and diffuse light.

I also used the Alpha 1600 bounced and direct through a 1x 1meter frame with diffusion. Easy to use and powerful, I had the opportunity to use the Alpha 1600 both in Fresnel and Open Face. Its use in any position is safe which is an advantage over other fixtures. One of the most creative part of my job is to find solutions for problems created by the set, the budget and the amount of light sources I have. I think we have to choose an appropriate system for a given situation, which can meet most of our requirements. I believe the purpose of K5600, the philosophy of its products allows us to push the limits, producing versatile devices and multiple accessories »