Bug 1k Bug 2K

Tungsten Bug

After many demands from DPs and gaffers, we chose to create two tungsten Bugs : 2000W and 1000W.

Bug 2K

We modified an 800 and fitted a larger beaker to take the heat of a 2K bulb. There was some safety issues with existing bare bulb type fixtures and the E40 socket allowed only double envelop bulbs which were noisy when dimmed. Soon we got more and more demands for the Bug 2K and it eventually became a product. It found its way on the lists, particularly in Octaplus and lanterns for night shots.

Bug 1K

The Bug 1K happened because of the Big Eye. The beauty of a small light source behind a large Fresnel has definitely attracted a lot of interest. After a few shows with the frequently asked question : “What if we want to have tungsten that we can dim for beauty shots ?” and to avoid random, dangerous tests such as using a Redhead, we decided to turn a 400 Bug-Lite into an incandescent 1K to fulfill the need for this particular situation.


  • BUG 2K : 2000W CP92
  • BUG 1KW : 1000W CP71

Produits K5600


  • Kits Joker²

  • Kits Alpha